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why good posture = good health

Most who work in an office are stuck at a desk all day. Usually we start the day with good posture. As the day wanes on, the body slouches and hunches forward to the computer screen. By the time we get up from our chairs, our neck, shoulders and back are killing us.

Good news! Posture Keeper is a simple, drug-free way to relieve your pain within the first day, and takes less than 30 seconds to set up. Posture Keeper helps you stay upright the entire time you are sitting at your desk.  Save 40% when you pre-order today. 


revolutionize how you sit

The secret to Posture Keeper are the padded shoulder straps. Designed ergonomically to fit around your shoulders and arms, Posture Keeper gently reminds you to self-correct when you are sitting the wrong way causing pain.

When you slouch or lean into your computer screen, you're straining your neck. With Posture Keeper, you get feedback and will instantly know to adjust your posture and re-align your spine.

After using the Posture keeper for a couple of weeks, your body's muscle memory kicks-in and you subconsciously stop hunching forward even when you are not actively using Posture Keeper.


gentle lumbar support

Posture Keeper is a Lumbar Support System with padded straps that attaches to most chairs with a back in less than 30 seconds. 

What makes it better are the special design and features built to prevent pain:. 

- 1680D Nylon Ballistic material = Durable

- Memory Foam = Adaptable to every unique body structure, women or men.

- Padded Strap = Ergonomically designed for different body frames.

- Air-Flow & Breathable material = Prevents moisture while in use.

- Quick Release Connector = Easily get in and out of Posture Keeper.


how posture keeper benefits you


    Posture Keeper helps you assume a more upright improved posture, where your shoulders are back, your neck is more upright and your core is engaged - taking pressure off your neck, middle back and upper back..


    When you're not straining your neck and shoulders, you are less likely to be in pain. When you're not in pain, you can focus and get more things done. When you get more things done, you move closer to your goals. You will feel more successful. 


    With its memory foam and lumbar support, you’re going to feel REAL support & relief! Posture Keeper allows you to sit ergonomically in most chairs Takes less than 30 seconds to install. Fits most chairs with back support.


    This device corrects years of bad slouching habits while seated in the office. Make poor posture a thing of the past with the Posture Keeper. Good posture = standing taller, feeling more confident and looking slimmer. 


"I don’t have the greatest posture and I am tall so I have a problem with slouching. My chiropractor is always yelling at me to put my shoulders back so I’ve actually looked at other posture straps that you put on your body but I got scared off because I didn’t like the idea of having to wear over my clothes because it is very obvious. And if you put it under your clothes then you are stuck wearing it the entire day and I also read that they can be really uncomfortable and like dig into the skin so I didn’t like that. I like Posture Keeper because is on the chair so I only use it to sit up straight when I’m on my desk and I don’t have to walk around with it all day."

~Kelsey D. - Results may vary person to person

"I tried other posture devices before and I didn’t like them. I tried one that could vibrate and I felt like people could hear it vibrating. It was vibrating all day that it got really annoying. I really like Posture Keeper because it’s definitely comfortable. I can feel that it’s helping me sit upright so I’m not leaning over all day and hurting at the end of the day from bending over. The straps also blends in with my clothes (In usually wear dark tops) so I don’t have to worry about it looking weird."

~ Taylor J. - Results may vary person to person

"I'm 6ft tall and I have a tendency to look down and slouching has been a problem for me. When I'm sitting on my desk, I lean forward without realizing it. Posture Keeper helps me be aware right away and reminds me to straighten my back and sit properly. My neck has felt looser and less stiff. "

~ Yanni W. - Results may vary person to person


Hi my name is Shirley Tan. I designed Posture Keeper  because I've been living with pain for years due to hunching at my desk. I've seen over 10 doctors, suffered through MRIs, X-rays, and brain scans.

Finally my doctor told me that if I just stop leaning forward, the stress on my nerves would improve.  I've tried many posture correctors in the marketplace, but they didn't work for me. Even an expensive chair didn't stop me from sitting on the chair's edge or leaning into my computer screen.

One day, my son was throwing out his backpack, and that gave me an idea. I spent the past year working with my doctor and the factory, testing and prototyping to perfect the design. We're finally ready and we're  so excited to be  launching on Kickstarter.



How Can I Get a Posture Keeper?

Sometime mid August 2018, Posture Keeper will only be available in Kickstarter. You can currently sign-up on our prelaunch page, https://prelaunch.posturekeeper.com to get an email when we launch our Kickstarter Campaign. You can also CLICK one of the "orange" buttons all over the page to get to this link.

Will Posture Keeper fit my chair?

Posture Keeper fits most chairs. Ideal back of the chair height is between 18”H to 27”H  

For chairs that are less than 18”H, it maybe difficult to adjust as the top of Posture Keeper will bend backwards which, long term, will damage the memory foam material that the Lumbar Support is made of.

For chairs that are more than 27”, the Middle Strap may not be long enough to reach the Connectors that it needs to be attached to.

How long should I be wearing posture keeper when I’m sitting down?

We recommend that you ease into wearing Posture Keeper.  On the first day, use it for one hour. Then the next day, use it for 2 hours. By the 4th or 5th day, use it for about 4 hours. Posture Keeper should be snug BUT NOT TIGHT. It should be comfortable at all times. If you feel unduly restrained or unable to move, you have pulled the shoulder straps too tight. You can easily loosen them by releasing the quick release connector a little bit to allow the shoulder straps to be a little looser on your body. 

We don't recommend that you use Posture Keeper more than 4 hours a day in the "snug fit". You can choose to use  Posture Keeoer  longer than 4 hours if you keep the shoulder strap fairly loose, (loose = you can fit your hand between your shoulder and strap) especially if your goal is to be reminded only when you're leaning in at extreme degrees. 

Snug = Fit around your shoulders BUT not forcing you down or compressing your spine. 

Loose = You can slip your hand between your shoulder and the strap, basically the strap is just resting on your shoulder but you don't feel the weight of it. 

How long do you have to use posture keeper before your muscle memory kicks in?

With regular and proper use,  your body's memory should recall proper sitting posture by 2-4 weeks. You can definitely train your body by also engaging your core (abdominal) muscles. This will help your body recall it faster and sustain the training effort so that you don't fall back into the sluggish posture, especially when you're tired or fatigued. Remember to stay in active sitting and standing posture, so that you continuously strengthen your core and back muscles.


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Posture Keeper - Lumbar Support System Posture Trainer

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I like it and it keeps me straight up and I'd use it every single day! It feels really good! It doesn't feel like restrictive. It just feels, I don't know I don't know how to say it. It just overall really great!

Posture Keeper - Lumbar Support System Posture Trainer

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I was skeptical because it kinda look like a backpack like I thought that is it lumpy or something but this feels like lying down in a bed and Oh My Goodness! I didn't even realize the pain my back was in because I'm so used to having back pain now I'm in a calm state where I can just work and not have to slouch or its just pressing on my muscles on my back it feels like a constant massage. ~ Alina M.

Posture Keeper - Lumbar Support System Posture Trainer

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This apparatus is very good. It keeps both of your shoulders on an equal level. At the same time when the arms are out for typing it keeps it balanced as long as your other parts of your posture are all straight and everything else. Even when you were to move it around by rotating it rotates nicely and everything else and it keeps your shoulder balanced at the same time. The back itself right here is nice its supporting the lumbar part and its curving towards your body so if you're sitting for a longer period of time for lets say a good half an hour to an hour you'll still be nice and comfortable. So reality is this main strap. This strap is very good it keeps everything balanced and both sides are not being stressed abnormally at all. Especially when normal people whenever they're doing stuff they tend to be a little off balance. It's that off balanced part that creates the stress towards one side of the body or toward one of the muscles or nerves and pinching it either on this side of the nerve or this side. But right here as you notice these straps are actually keeping a balance so that both shoulders are nice and balanced so all this all of a sudden become equalized so therefore there's less stress and extra support right here. ~ Herbert Q.

Posture Keeper - Lumbar Support System Posture Trainer

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INTERVIEWER: What do you think so far? I think it's fantastic. I think yeah the backpack layout of it makes it very familiar but it's a very comfortable fit. It's got the nice padded shoulders. It's very easy on and off INTERVIEWER: Is it comfortable? Very comfortable. I'm a big sloucher myself when I work throughout the day. I can't find anything that holds me back. But this is something I can sit in all day long! 8 hours at my desk and not think twice about it! INTERVIEWER: Is this something you would use? Absolutely 100 Percent! Something I would use! ~ Matt S.

Posture Keeper - Lumbar Support System Posture Trainer

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I feel like, well it's not really constraining. But you know it keeps me from leaning forward and preventing me from doing something that's gonna you know fatiguing my back quite a bit which is I have a tendency to do as I'm spending way too much time in front of my computer cause, well, that's my life. So this is quite the interesting experience see I'm just all strapped in here so hahaha! INTERVIEWER: Would you use it? Yeah I think I would because after a while I have noticed times when I'm sitting in the chair and I'm just sitting wrong but I'm so focused on what I'm doing there's nothing there to remind me of that and so if this surely helps not experience that fatigue then its seems too elegantly simple not to use. INTERVIEWER: Would you recommend it to friends? OH YES! Let's give it a try!