• Doctor of Chiropractic past 20 years
    in active practice , serving the SF
    Bay Area Peninsula
  • Specialty is serving those needing
    assistance with Weight Loss, Life
    Style Medicine , Wellness and Pain Relief
  • Originally from Honolulu, Hi and has lived
    predominantly in San Mateo, CA.
  • Practices with his Amazing wife Sandi
    Rocco, Certified Nutritional
    Therapist / Health Coach


Dr. Christopher M. Colgin, DC has been a Chiropractor in San Mateo County the past 20 years. His Chiropractic Wellness Center in San Mateo, CA focuses on offering their members All Natural Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Programs, and curriculum based programs in Lifestyle Modification, Science Based Nutrition, Functional Wellness, and Pain Relief.

His mission is: “To Teach and Inspire the many achieve a life of Optimal Health and Wellness by all natural and organic means”.