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Thank you for visiting our website. I appreciate your interest in learning the story of Posture Keeper. 

My Name is Shirley Tan. I created the Posture Keeper due to years of debilitating pain. I have seen over 10 different doctors who specialize in the Spine, Shoulder, Neck, Back, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Brain Scans, MRI’s, X-rays, and had numerous physical therapy sessions over the last 10 years. You name it, it feels like I have done them all.

It got so bad, I even had to stop working for a while. I was really desperate and very unhappy that I couldn’t help provide for my family. One day, my doctor said if I could just stop leaning forward, It would take the stress off my nerves. So, I tried different posture correctors in the marketplace, including the ones that you wear, the ones that beep when you slouch, and the back to knee strap, but none of them worked.

Finally, I mocked a device of my own up out of a backpack and it really helped improve the pain. I was no longer experiencing the prickly, radiating sensation moving from my neck all the way to my arms and fingers.

The model you see today is vastly improved from the initial idea of the backpack wrapped around the chair.  It includes a super comfortable memory lumbar support system that helps keep the spine in alignment. It fits most chairs with a back height that ranges from 18”-33” (measured from the seat to the height of the back of the chair). The straps are very comfortable and ergonomic.

Most importantly, it helps me from leaning forward, which was causing all the neck strain and pain my body was experiencing.  The frequency of headaches also diminished. I’ve recently learned that when the body is slouching and in a forward leaning position, my organs were getting compressed, my breathing was more shallow and now I am able to take deeper breaths which helps bring more oxygen to my brain (hence fewer headaches),  as well as heal and recover from normal aches and pains.

We have been testing and prototyping our samples with the help of family and friends. Click here to read their reviews and testimonials.


I'm working with an amazing factory that has been so helpful and really understand the mission helping people who have to sit to work, alleviate their back pain. 

It is likely that the reason you are interested in or curious about Posture Keeper is that you want to improve your posture. Perhaps, you already are experiencing back pain and are looking for relief. Don't wait like I did till the pain took its toll and kept me from being able to work, to do something about it. 

Be sure to also share with friends and loved ones about Posture Keeper. If you can help, even just 1 person and they no longer have pain or you help reduce their pain, imagine how grateful they would be to you. 

Thank you for visiting Posture Keeper and please support our launch campaign on Kickstarter.  

Hugs, XOXO


Shirley Tan

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