Look Taller and Slimmer with the Secret to Sitting – Proper Posture!

Adults cannot actually grow taller and you cannot change the number on your scale without diet and exercise, but you can improve your overall appearance, making yourself look as tall and as slender as you actually are with one simple, healthy habit (and it's really not a big secret) – practicing proper posture. Whether seated or standing, poor posture gives you a slumped appearance, making you look shorter and much rounder. Standing or sitting up straight lengthens your spine to its full potential, while pulling in both your stomach and your backside. 

Two Major Ways Posture Affects Your Appearance

1. Poor Posture Makes You Appear Shorter

When you slouch, you appear shorter. Although slouching does not actually cause you to shrink, it does round the shoulders and compress the spinal column, forcing you into a hunched posture. In a slouched position, the unnatural curve of your spine automatically reduces your height.

Consistently practicing proper posture can add inches to your appearance. With proper posture, your body's posture-supporting muscle groups will grow stronger and muscle tension in the neck and back will eventually relax. As your posture improves, you should notice ongoing improvement, as your spinal column returns to proper alignment and you reach your height's full potential. 

2. Poor Posture Causes Your Tummy and Tush to Protrude

Practicing poor posture, especially when seated, causes anterior pelvic tilt. With poor posture, weakened core muscles and tight hip flexors force the pelvic bone into an unnatural tilt. An anterior pelvic tilt scoops the lower back toward the navel and causes both the abdomen and buttocks to protrude, leading to a less-slender physical appearance. Even healthy, physically fit individuals with a low body fat percentage can appear to have a pot belly when they have an anterior pelvic tilt.

Anterior pelvic tilt can be corrected by practicing proper posture, stretching the muscles in the hip joints and strengthening the core muscles that support the spinal column. A normal pelvic tilt, relaxes the lower back and pulls in the stomach and buttocks. 

Fix Your Posture and Improve Your Physique with Posture Keeper

Designed especially for individuals who spend long hours in a seated position, Posture Keeper provides extra support to your spinal column, helping you form healthy habits and strengthen the muscle groups that support proper posture. This posture-promoting device gently prevents the rounded shoulders, forward head position and slumped lower back caused by poor posture, helping to counteract anterior pelvic tilt and rounded shoulders. 

Practicing proper posture while seated for long periods of time, standing or while exercising is essential to reaching the full potential of your physical appearance. When you correct your posture and sit or stand up straight, you will look taller, slimmer and enjoy the confidence that comes with a new-found body-positive self-image.