Is Poor Posture Hurting Your Self-Esteem? How Sitting Up Straight Boosts Confidence

Self esteem, the way you regard or feel about yourself, affects how you behave and the decisions you make. In addition, your confidence level also has the power to change the way others perceive you. In the workplace, especially, it is important to have confidence in yourself, your decisions, experience and knowledge because the future of your career depends on how you act and are perceived in your profession. 

If your job, like most, requires you to spend several hours each day in a seated position, then your confidence could be in danger. Long periods of sitting weaken the core muscle groups responsible for supporting proper posture, and slouching has been scientifically shown to lower self-confidence. 

How Posture Affects Confidence: What Science Says

A positive, can-do attitude characterizes self-confidence. So, the ability to think positive thoughts is essential to having high self-esteem. In one study, participants were divided into an upright group and a slouched group and then asked to complete a questionnaire and self-assessment. Results indicated that positive reactions and thoughts came more easily to the group sitting with proper posture, while the group sitting with hunched shoulders and forward head position readily responded more negatively. 

Another study compared individuals placed in upper and lower hierarchical roles and their relationships with power and positivity compared to their posture.  This research revealed that proper posture had a greater effect on each individual's power than their role. In addition, those with upright posture displayed a much more positive self-image than those with poor posture. 

Overall, research supports the notion that posture directly affects confidence, positivity and self-image. One study, which aimed to determine how posture and muscle position affected confidence – a perception which one might expect to be mostly mental – found that individuals with proper posture produced less cortisol (a stress hormone) and more testosterone, a hormone associated with feelings of strength, than individuals who were hunched over. 

Boost Your Confidence While Perfecting Seated Posture with Posture Keeper

Most modern jobs revolve around computer work, which typically means at least eight, unavoidable hours of sitting behind a desk each day. According to On Your Feet America, the average American sits for 10 hours each day. Even if you spend less than 10 hours in a chair or driving, if you do not sit with proper posture, your confidence and positive attitude could be at risk.

Posture Keeper helps people strengthen their confidence by improving seated posture. The easy-to-use posture-promoting device fits on any chair and comfortably helps you sit up straight by providing your body with extra support that prevents your shoulders from hunching, your lower back from slumping and your chin from jutting forward. 

When you practice proper posture, you will feel confident because your body will be in a position of confidence. With your newly improved self-esteem and positive outlook, you will be free to dream about big goals and confident enough to go after them. How far will good posture take you? As far as you dare to go!