Improve Concentration with the Unexpected Powers of Posture

Our busy lifestyles – crowded with buzzing cell phones, social media and full schedules – make it extremely difficult to focus on any particular task without interruption. In addition to the frenzy of modern distractions, poor posture can also hinder the brain's ability to concentrate. If you work an office job, which requires at least eight hours or more of sitting each day, then your body is at a greater risk of experiencing the negative effects of poor posture. 

Five Ways Proper Posture Improves Focus

  1. More Oxygen - Sitting up straight maximizes lung capacity and facilitates deep breathing, increasing the amount of oxygen (vital to cognitive function) delivered to your brain. 
  2. Better Blood Flow - Poor posture creates muscle tension and restricts the body's circulatory system, preventing blood from reaching your brain. Your bloodstream not only delivers oxygen to the brain, but also water and nutrients which are essential to every single function of your body's most important organ. 
  3. Less Pain - When the body experiences pain, it sends signals to the brain to ensure that you take action to resolve whatever problem is hurting your body. Until you find relief, pain will be the foremost issue on your mind, preventing you from concentrating on anything else. Proper posture prevents the physical pain caused by slouching, rounded shoulders and forward head position. 
  4. Reduced Anxiety - Proper posture has been shown to reduce negative thoughts and feelings. With fewer thoughts of stress and anxiety on your mind, you will be better able to focus on your work. 
  5. Increased Stamina - All of the physiological benefits of good posture increase the amount of time you can work comfortably by reducing pain and increasing energy. With better stamina, you will be able to stay focused for longer periods of time. 

Concentrate on Improving Posture with Posture Keeper

Poor posture is not just a bad habit, your body stores poor posture in its muscle memory, weakening the core muscle groups that support good posture and tightening those that pull your body out of alignment. If a lifetime of poor posture has you feeling forgetful or distracted, then simply remembering to sit up straight – let alone actually sitting with proper posture – can be quite difficult. 

Posture Keeper, a versatile and comfortable posture-promoting device, is designed to help and remind you to sit up straight – even when you are distracted by other tasks or feeling fatigued after a long day behind your desk. Posture Keeper features adjustable shoulder straps designed to prevent you from leaning forward into a hunched posture or drooping down into a slumped position. The device's memory foam backrest provides support to your spinal column and comfort throughout the day. 

Once your body gets into the habit of sitting (and standing) with healthy posture, you will no longer have to concentrate on remembering to sit up straight at your desk, and you will be able to concentrate on the multitude of tasks your job, home life and social activities present. With better posture, you will be able to focus on enjoying and fully participating in your life.