Enjoy Natural Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief with Proper Posture

Arthritis refers to the joint pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with several different medical conditions, some of which are not very well understood. According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 100 types of arthritis exist. With so many different arthritic conditions, almost anyone can potentially suffer from arthritis, regardless of age, medical history or physical activities. You can, however, prevent and relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis by practicing one healthy habit – proper posture. 

How Poor Posture Causes Arthritic Joint Pain

Your body's musculoskeletal system is designed to function in a particular way and does so best when it's properly aligned. When you sit (or stand) with poor posture, your misaligned body puts unnecessary stress on your joints. This extra stress causes inflammation and muscle tension which leads to the common symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and stiffness. 

For example, each joint inside your neck (located between your cervical vertebrae) must support and move your head. With proper posture, your neck more easily supports the weight of your head, but with improper posture, the neck struggles. To better understand the stress placed on these joints, imagine carrying a bowling ball lifted straight overhead. Then imagine carrying a bowling ball extended at a 20-degree angle above your head. The second scenario would be much more difficult. In the same way, when you have improper posture, such as forward head position, the delicate joints inside your neck undergo unnecessary additional stress, which causes neck pain, stiffness and even headaches. 

When you sit or stand with improper posture, all of your body's joints undergo additional physical stress, meaning improper posture (slouching, slumping and hunching over) can worsen or cause arthritic pain in all of the joints inside your body – from your cervical vertebrae all the way down to your toes.

Get Arthritis Relief with the Help of Posture Keeper

You can relieve stress on your joints by taking breaks to stretch and walk around your office at least once every hour. You can also relieve your joints by making slight adjustments to shift your seated position throughout the day, such as elevating your feet on a foot rest or changing the angle of your backrest.

To prevent and relieve arthritic pain, it is most important that you practice proper posture throughout the workday by ergonomically arranging your office furniture to facilitate good posture. The posture-promoting device, Posture Keeper, provides additional support to your back, spinal column and abdominal muscles while you are seated to help you maintain healthy posture for your whole workday. In addition, Posture Keeper's soft shoulder straps prevent you from leaning forward or slumping over in your chair, helping you remember to sit up straight while also preventing poor posture from putting unnecessary stress on your body's joints. 

With the help of Posture Keeper, you can strengthen the core muscles that support proper posture while also enjoying natural relief from joint pain and stiffness. With this kind of relief, you will not only perform better at work, but will also feel better after-hours to enjoy your time away from the office.