Do You Sit All Day ?

You work in an office. You're stuck at the desk for the entire day. In the morning, you're pumped and raring to go. But, as the day wanes on, you start to slouch and hunch forward to your computer screen, putting tremendous stress on your spine. Before you know it, your neck, shoulders and back are killing you. It's been unavoidable... until now. 



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Why Good Posture = Good Health

Most who work in an office are stuck at a desk all day. Usually we start the day with good posture. As the day wanes on, the body slouches and hunches forward to the computer screen. By the time we get up from our chairs, our neck, shoulders and back are killing us.

Prolonged bad posture affects your work, your fun, and your time with your kids. It's been unavoidable... until now. 

Good news! Posture Keeper is a simple, drug-free way to relieve your pain within the first day, and takes less than 30 seconds to set up. Posture Keeper helps you stay upright the entire time you are sitting at your desk. Save 40% when you pre-order today.

Revolutionize How You Sit

The secret to Posture Keeper are the padded shoulder straps. Designed ergonomically to fit around your shoulders and arms, Posture Keeper gently reminds you to self-correct when you are sitting the wrong way causing pain.

When you slouch or lean into your computer screen, you're straining your neck. With Posture Keeper, you get feedback and will instantly know to adjust your posture and re-align your spine.

After using the Posture keeper for a few weeks, your body's muscle memory kicks-in and you subconsciously stop hunching forward even when you are not actively using Posture Keeper.

Gentle Lumbar Support

Posture Keeper is a Lumbar Support System with padded straps that attaches to most chairs with a back in less than 30 seconds. 
What makes it better are the special design and features built to prevent pain:

- 1680D Nylon Ballistic material = Durable

- Memory Foam = Adaptable to every unique body structure, women or men.

- Padded Strap = Ergonomically designed for different body frames.

- Air-Flow & Breathable material = Prevents moisture while in use.

- Quick Release Connector = Easily get in and out of Posture Keeper.

You’re Not Going to Want to Miss Out On 
Improving Your Posture & Relieving Back Pain!

We are now LIVE on Indiegogo. Up to 36% off retail price. Pre-order yours today.